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Elephant & Piggie Party!

Better late than never I always say.  Finally, here is the update with how the Elephant and Piggie Valentine’s day party went!

Seth and I began with reading several stories.  He was Gerald and I was Piggie and I think we did an outstanding job.  Those stories are the best, so the kids of course loved them. 

Next we played a relay race game!  We had read the story There is a Bird on Your Head, so we played a game that went along with it.

I made these nests out of paper bags and the kids had to carry it on their head with an egg inside from one side of the room to the other.  It was so much fun! 

Next we played “Heart” bingo!  I love using DLTK’s website because you can create your own bingo cards.  They have so many themes to choose from.  Also, you can even use pictures instead of numbers, which I like to do because I am usually working with younger kids.

Next we made out Valentine’s Day pop up cards!  Of course they were Elephant and Piggie themed.

The kids were given a snack and juice as they made their cards.  Overall it was a great success and didn’t require a whole lot of planning.  I also found out that the day we did our actual program (February 5th) was the anniversary of when Elephant and Piggie first met!

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