Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime

"There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, So just give me a happy middle and a very happy start." -Shel Silverstein

Flannel Friday: Dear Zoo

Today I wanted to share my brand spankin’ new flannel board from the book, Dear Zoo by: Rod Campbell.  This is another one that I got from Kizclub.  I haven’t actually ever read this story in storytime before, but I am going to next week!  I just didn’t feel like it was complete without a flannel board to go along with it. I’m sure all the kids will love trying to guess which animal is hiding behind the cage!  Enjoy, and be sure to check out all the other #flannelfriday posts over at Mel’s blog!


How I rock Preschool Storytime-An overview

Here is my explanation of how I do preschool storytime in my library.  We do storytimes in 6 week sessions during the different seasons (spring, summer, winter, and fall).  We offer Baby ST and Elementary ST on Tuesdays, Preschool ST on Wednesdays (mine) and Thursdays (Seth’s), and Toddler ST on Fridays.  Out of all our STs the preschool ones are the most attended, which is why we offer them for 2 days.  We used to have them twice on each day but due to budget cuts we are now down to only one.  Although, this summer I am opening mine up to two sessions, we’ll just be too dang busy not to.  Also, last year we decided to start doing drop-in storytimes and what a difference they have made!  When we would have people sign up, we would call and remind them, then they would never show.  It was frustrating because there were other people who still wanted to come to storytime but couldn’t.  So, I made some passes for each ST and laminated them.  When we open in the morning is when we start passing them out.  For most of the STs we limit each to 20 passes, and only give them to the children who are in that age group for the ST.  I usually end up with around 40 people total. 

Here is a view of our storyroom that I just LOVE.  And just look at that rug, isn’t it cute?  My good friend Kenna designed it years ago in a Demco contest and won!

Also, take a look at our ceiling tiles!

Ok, ok, back to my ST overview.  I begin with welcoming all the kids and asking them how they are.  We then learn a few ASL signs that go with our theme for that week.  This is something I started fairly recently and the kids love it.  We then sing and dance to Jim Gill’s Let’s Celebrate.  During the parts where he says to wait, we do the sign for wait, so much fun!  Next is Little Mouse.  I’m sure many of you know of Little Mouse, but if you don’t here’s how it goes.  We have 9 different colored houses on the flannelboard and I tell the kids I will only choose someone to pick a color if they are very quiet.  Surprisingly they do a good job with that!  Say the child picks red, we then say the rhyme:  Little Mouse, Little Mouse are you in the red house?  Then I pull back the red house and we look behind to see if he’s there.  This continues until we actually find Little Mouse, of course.  I have always done this in ST and the kids LOVE it so much.  If I ever forget to do it, they definitely remind me.  Wow, my phone takes some pretty bad pics, sorry!  But you get the idea.

Then I read the first story, after that is a song, then another story, sometimes a flannelboard rhyme, another song, and if there is time we read one more story.  But I usually stick to two books.  We then sing our goodbye rhyme:

On my face I have a nose, and way down here I have ten toes.  I have two eyes that I can blink, and I have a head to help me think.  I have a chin and very near I have two ears to help me hear.  I have a mouth that I use to speak, and when I run I use my feet.  I have two arms to hold up high, and here’s a hand to wave goodbye!  Then we talk about the craft for that day and the kids sit with their parents and enjoy making it.  I love the way we handle crafts in our library.  If there are things that need to be cut out, we have some great teen volunteers who will do that for us saving us so much time.  We have these WONDERFUL trays we bought from Oriental Trading and they are perfect for all the kids to do their crafts on.  We put the craft pieces on them prior to ST and when it’s time to make them the kids pick one up and go sit on the floor with their family.  It’s very nice not having to worry about tables and chairs. So there is preschool storytime in a nutshell, hope you enjoyed!


Dog and his colorful day…

I just wanted to share one of my favorite books to use during storytime.  Actually, I just used it today in ST so I figured I would share what I did with it.  I’m sure most of you have seen/used this book before, so it’s nothing new to you.  But maybe, just maybe, someone out there hasn’t.  Here it is!

It’s a great story about a cute dog (named Dog) who has one black spot on his left ear.  Throughout his day he proceeds to gain more and more colorful spots from various things like pollen, ice cream, grass etc.  When reading this book I love to use a feltboard along with it.  The kids love to watch as the different spots appear on Dog.

Also, I love to do this craft along with it:

I cannot remember where I got the printout of Dog though, I am sorry! *UPDATE*  A very wonderful reader named Lisa found the link I was looking for.  You can click here for all things about Dog.  Thanks again Lisa!  Basically I give all the kids the blank sheet and give them a circle of each color to glue onto Dog.  Thank goodness we have our wonderful Ellison machine to help with the circle cutting.  I tell them to try to remember what items the different spots came from as they put them on Dog OR to make up some new ones!  It gives them a chance to talk about the story with their parent/caregiver and gives them their own version to take home.  I love hearing families talk about it as they do the craft.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Dog and have a colorful day yourselves!


Flannel Friday: Five Little Raindrops!

I actually prepared early for this weeks edition of #flannelfriday, go me!  It’s a pretty simple one, but still fun.  And here it is…

Five Little Raindrops!  It’s a really simple poem I like to use in various storytimes.  I actually have quite a few “Five Little _____”.  Probably one for every theme you can think of.  Seth makes fun of me because they all sound the same, but the kids love them so that’s all that matters.  And who doesn’t love counting stuff when it looks so cool?  This particular flannel board has some bling added to it.  I decided to put some glitter on to make it more special, and because I love glitter.  Here is the rhyme, enjoy!

Five little raindrops plopping on the floor,

one plopped away and that left four.

 Four little raindrops dripping on the trees,

one dripped away and that left three.

 Three little raindrops splashing on my shoe,

one splashed away and that left two.

 Two little raindrops starting to run,     

one ran off and that left one.

 One little raindrop drying in the sun,       

it dried all up and then there were none!

And please, go check out all the other great #flannelfridays this week! 







Flannel Friday: I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean!

I decided to join my fellow twitterbrarians with a #flannelfriday I’ve been trying to finish for weeks.  So after the long wait, here it is….

If you don’t already know, this flannel story is from I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean By: Kevin Sherry and this is a hilarious story about a squid who boasts about how big he is…until he is eaten by a giant whale!  I won’t ruin the end of the story for you though.  I got the idea for this flannel story from StorytimeKatie who has some AMAZING flannels on her blog, check them out.  I got the template from Kizclub, great resources on that website.  Also, don’t forget to check out Mel’s, MissMary’s and SoTomorrow’s blogs for their #flannelfridays too!


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