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"There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, So just give me a happy middle and a very happy start." -Shel Silverstein

Flannel Friday: Pete the Cat

on May 13, 2011

If you have not heard of the book, Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes By: Eric Litwin then you need to go find this book NOW!  It is definitely in my top 5 of favorite storytime books.  I just love how wide the age range is with it.  I’ve used it from 3 year olds all the way to 5 th graders and they all love it!  It’s a great story about a cat named Pete who sings about how he loves his white shoes.  You have to hear the song that goes along with the story, here is the author and illustrator performing it live.  The best part of the story is the ending, where they talk about the moral of the story.  Great words to live by!  I wanted to share what I like to do with the preschoolers when I read this story.  I made a big cutout of Pete for a flannel board, then used our Ellison die cut machine to cut out the different colored shoes.  The best part is we have 30 felt lap boards for the kids to use!  So I made a set for each child out of paper, because felt is too expensive, for them to follow along with during the story.  I’ve already used it several times and the kids love it!  I’ve been trying to come up with more stories where I can use these lap boards and so far the only other one I’ve used is, I Took My Frog to the Library.  I cannot be held responsible for you having the song stuck in your head all day now.  Enjoy!

He’s laminated, that’s why he loook so shiny 🙂

*UPDATE*  I was finally able to scan my copy of the Pete the Cat template.  Feel free to use him!  

Pete the Cat Template

5 responses to “Flannel Friday: Pete the Cat

  1. Betsy B. says:

    Great idea. I’m going to use it next month for print motivation. Love that book!

  2. Anne says:

    I was wondering if you would post your flannelboard for Pete someday. I need to go back to working on my long-delayed one. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Treann says:

    I have this book, it sooooooooo good!!! I have ordered the next one as well. I too, would love the template for your cat and his shoes……I too love using the flannelboard at our library.

    • nikarella says:

      I was finally able to upload my template for Pete and I instered the link at the bottom of my post. Unfortunately, the shoes were cut out using our Ellison die cut machine, so I don’t have those. Enjoy!

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