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Flannel Friday: Where’s My Mom?

on July 15, 2011

I’ve been wracking my brain this week trying to come up with something new to make for Flannel Friday.  I kept thinking to myself, what book do I use in every storytime session that would be good as a flannel board?  Then it hit me, Where’s My Mom By Julia Donaldson!  If you haven’t read this story, you’re missing out.  It’s about a monkey who lost his mom and a butterfly tries to help him find her.  Of course, it’s not that simple.  The butterfly keeps getting confused on who might be monkey’s mom.  Over and over again he keeps getting it wrong.  It has a funny ending as well.  I love when a book builds and builds and in the end makes everyone laugh.  I’m going to try using this flannel in my Wednesday ST next week, so I hope it goes over ok.  Basically, I’m going to have each animal in the story hiding behind something (tree,rock etc.) and as we read the story I’ll have the kids try to guess what might be hiding.  I think it will be a fun, interactive way to keep the kids involved and guessing along with the story.  Here it is!


9 responses to “Flannel Friday: Where’s My Mom?

  1. Andrea says:

    Great book to adapt! I bet it will be a hit on Wednesday. The googly eyes are a nice touch.

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  3. I haven’t used this story, and you’re right, I have been missing out! Love your flannel pieces too, so colorful and cute. *adding this book to my must-use books-in-storytime list right now*

  4. Catw says:

    This is a great choice that I never would’ve thought to do. I’m gonna copy. Ur animals have tons of personality

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