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Monster Storytime

on September 22, 2011

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday but I don’t usually like to do a Halloween themed storytime, only because I never know what families celebrate it or not.  Instead, I usually do a monster themed storytime which still goes with Halloween without saying it.  Here is my Monster Storytime handout!

Monster Storytime

Here is the craft.  It’s a really easy one because it’s mostly made from die cut pieces.  Anything to make things easier!

6 responses to “Monster Storytime

  1. Library Quine says:

    How timely! Planning a monsters v aliens family storytime in the October vacation and your ideas and craft would work great, thanks for sharing!

  2. Jen says:

    This monster is so cute, I want to pinch his cheeks. What a great storytime craft.

  3. alavare says:

    I totally agree re: holidays in story time. I’ve had colleagues who have done “black cats” theme, etc. I really went back and forth on it this year, since I have a story time on Halloween night! I’ve decided to read Todd Parr books, including his new title, “I’m Not Scared!” and wear my bright blue wig.
    Thanks for the monster craft; it is very cute.

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