Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime

"There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, So just give me a happy middle and a very happy start." -Shel Silverstein


Hello everyone!  I know it’s been months since my last blog post, and I apologize but I have a good reason.  I’ve been taking care of these two little munchkins.

The newest one is on the right 🙂  As much as I enjoyed being home with them, it’s kind of nice to be back with adults and have conversations that extend past fruit snacks, Curious George, and Barbies.  Being my second week back at work I knew I needed to blog about SOMETHING, but I don’t have any program stuff prepared…yet.  So this is what you all get, a brief glace into my personal life as a mommy.  I also wanted to thank the internet world for still looking at my blog while I was away, you guys are awesome!  I’m glad it’s helping so many people out there and that we have such a cool way of sharing information.  What the heck did librarians do 30 years ago?!



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