Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime

"There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, So just give me a happy middle and a very happy start." -Shel Silverstein

Flannel Friday: Five Little Owls

on May 25, 2012

Here is a fun owl rhyme to use in storytime!  Seth wrote it for me because he’s so good at it.  We had a tough time with the last lines but finally found something that worked.  It was probably a good idea to not use our earlier ideas that included Will Smith songs, after that the ending got dark, very dark.  So here is the rhyme (child appropriate) 🙂

5 Sleeping Owls are letting out a snore
One woke up and that left four

4 Dozing Owls are sitting in a tree
One fell off and that left three

3 Lazy Owls are sleeping the whole day through
One made some coffee and that left 2

2 Groggy Owls watching the setting sun
One fell back asleep and that left one

1 Yawning Owl ready to get some things done
He flew off into the night and that left none

OR, Seth really liked this ending:

1 Cranky Owl hoping to eat some cereal
But someone drank most of the milk and put the carton back in the fridge, which is like THE MILLIONTH TIME this has happened, so now he has a bowl of cereal that is slightly soggy at the bottom and the rest is just dry and why did he BOTHER to get out of bed today, in fact that was his first mistake. So he goes back to sleep and then there were none!


3 responses to “Flannel Friday: Five Little Owls

  1. Lol! Cute and funny!

  2. Kendra says:

    This would be great to do after reading The Napping House! I’m sure the kids would love Seth’s ending, but it sure is easier to say the other one.

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