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Flannel Friday: 5 Little Caterpillars

This week’s Flannel Friday is a special one because Seth wrote it, and I made it!  I got the idea that I wanted caterpillars to be transformed into butterflies and asked him to write it for me.  THEN, I got an even better idea to make the last “caterpillar” a worm.  I think it flows very nicely!  I’m hoping the kids don’t pay TOO much attention to the fact that all the “caterpillars” don’t look the same.  On one side of the flannel square is a caterpillar, then I flip it over when it turns into a butterfly.  Easy!  I was able to use our Ellison die cut machine for this too, so that made it even easier.  Sorry I don’t have a pattern!

5 Little Caterpillars Flannel Board

5 Little Caterpillars tucked in eggs among a score

1 began to hatch and that left four.

4 Little Caterpillars munching on some leaves

One became too full and that left three.

3 Little Caterpillars spinning their cocoons

One fell right to sleep and that left two.

2 Little Caterpillars basking in the sun

Then he became a butterfly! …BUT WAIT! There still was one.

1 Little Caterpillar waiting for his turn

But it never came because he was…a worm!

5 Little Caterpillars Flannel Board 2


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