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Donuts & Dads!


I just finished with my Donuts & Dads program and overall it went pretty well!  The attendance wasn’t that great, but Saturday programs at our branch are never well attended.  Oh well.  We just had a lot of leftover donuts and coffee 🙂

First I had the kids pick a paper tie for their dad to decorate with stickers.  It was so cute when all the dads had their giant ties on.  Here’s the template I used:

Blank Tie

Next I read the book, What Dads Can’t Do By: Douglas Wood, it’s a really cute story.

Then I had the dads interview the kids.  They asked them questions like “How old do you think I am?”.  There were some really great answers.  Here is the interview sheet I used from Pinterest.

Next we made picture frames out of foam sticks.  Here is the sample one I made with my husband and Kailey when she was much younger:

Foam photo frame

Lastly, we enjoyed donuts, OJ and coffee!  Even though it was small, they all had a lot of fun.  Happy Father’s Day!

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