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Super Hero Academy!

on July 7, 2015

Hi everyone! I was so excited to do a super hero academy this summer.  IT WAS A BLAST! Here is the rundown. First, I read the book Chick n Pug by Jennifer Sattler. Such a cute story with wonderful illustrations. Then I let the kids go wild and participate in different stations!

First we had the Bubble Blowing station to practice their super breath.

Next we had the cape making station. I cut up plastic trash bags and it was super easy!


Then we had a LAVA PIT to cross over with balance beams…


Next was the sticky spider web station! The kids threw cotton balls at the “spider web” and tried to get them to stick.


Then we had the HOOP OF FIRE!


And last but not least (AND the most popular) was DESTROY THE VILLAIN. They threw bean bags at the boxes.


All in all it was a great program! We had fruit snacks at the end and I passed out Super Hero Certificates for them to take home.

Superhero Certificate


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