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"There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, So just give me a happy middle and a very happy start." -Shel Silverstein

Parachute Playtime Songs

Parachute Songs Pic

Here are some great songs you can use in Parachute Playtime all in one place!  I will add to it as I find new songs.

One, Two, Three Whee! By: Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael

My Ups and Downs By: Jim Gill

Itsy Bitsy Spider (any version)

The Wheels on the Bus (any version)

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes (any version)

Ring Around a Rosie

Ring Around Rainbow

Roll the Ball By: Carole Peterson

Rolling Ball By: Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael

Alabama, Mississippi By: Jim Gill

Fruit Salad Salsa By: Laurie Berkner

Going Nowhere By: Jim Gill

I hear the Water By: Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael

Old MacDonald (any version, use animals on the chute)

Popcorn Calling Me By: Laurie Berkner

Family Goodbyes By: Jim Gill (great closing song, sit on the chute)

5 Little Monkeys (any)

What Falls in the Fall By: Laurie Berkner (use leaves!)

Mover Music By: Imagination Movers

Snowflakes Falling from the Sky By: Piggyback Songs CD (use cotton balls!)

Shakin the Chute CD By: Michael Plunkett (Some great songs on it)




Flannel Friday: Silly Pizza Song (Magnet Board)

It has been quite awhile since I’ve joined in on a Flannel Friday, but I’m very excited to be back!  I have begun planning our winter storytime session so hopefully I can be a part of it for a few weeks.  Here is my most recent creation.  The Silly Pizza Song!!!  If you don’t know The Silly Pizza Song then you are missing out.  It’s from Signing Time By Rachel Coleman and SHE IS AWESOME.  Here at my library we own all the Signing Time and Baby Signing Time music CDs.  They are great to use in ST and I love teaching sign language to the kids.  They love it too!  I’m not going to write out the whole song because of copyright or post my clip art that I used, but it was easy to find.

Silly Pizza Song Magnet Board

Basically it goes a little something like this…

I like apples on my pizza…

I like crackers on my pizza…

Ice Cream…






I bet you could even find a version on YouTube to get a better idea, but I say just go buy the CD or song!

We have a small laminator that has magnet backing so that made my life even easier.  You could even make it a flannel board but I was crunched on time.  I hope you enjoy it!


Flannel Friday: You’re Face Will Surely Show It By: Jim Gill (Magnetic Board)

Here is a song from Jim Gill that I like to use in storytime called You’re Face Will Surely Show It.  It’s a really fun song because we get to show all kinds of expressions with our faces.  Happy, sad, scared, mad, sleepy, cold, surprised, and silly.  You really have to listen and pay attention so you can hear what expression is coming up next.  I decided to print out the different faces and put them on our magnet board so the kids can see them and get a better idea for what’s coming up next.  I just used clip art and laminated them.  Enjoy!


Flannel Friday: Baby Bumblebee (Song by Dr. Jean)

I’m sure you all know the song Baby Bumblebee.  There is a version that Dr. Jean sings that also includes a Kitty Cat, Puppy Dog, and Rattlesnake.  I decided it would be fun to have the felt animals as we sang along just to add a little more to it.  After making my dog red, I noticed he looks like a weird version of Clifford the Big Red Dog.  That was not on purpose, ha ha.  I also cheated and used the spiral die cut for the snake.  Hey!  I’m lazy, OK?!


Activity/Song: Color Game By Jim Gill

The Color Game is a fun song that I love to use in storytime.  It is sung by the wonderful Jim Gill, who will be at my library in May 🙂  SO EXCITED!!! BTW, check out his new CD, it’s pretty sweet.  It’s a rhyming song where you take different colors and put them on different parts of your body.  I’ve found it’s best to use with older kids (3 and up) because it is a little fast paced and you really have to listen and pay attention.  But I’m sure the littler ones would enjoy it too!  What I like to do is hand out a little bunch of circles to each child that has a range of colors so they can use those to place on the different body parts.  We sit on the floor and spread the colors out around us so we can see each one.  “Take red, put it on your head.  Take yellow, put it on your elbow” and so on.  If you haven’t ever used the Color Game in ST, I urge you to try it!  Enjoy!



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